Education Ministries

Sunday School – Catechesis for Children

Throughout the traditional school year, students from preschool through college are invited to join the Sunday School. Our goal is not only to provide education about the teachings and sacraments of the Holy Church, but to support families in raising their children in an Orthodox home, because we recognize that Orthodoxy is a lived faith and cannot be fully transmitted in a 45-minute class on Sundays.

Transfiguration’s Sunday School operates on a parish-wide curriculum. Every class, from preschool to college level, teaches the same topic each week, in hopes that families will be able to come together after class, on the car ride home, and at the dinner table all week, to discuss the week’s lesson and how we can see it at work in our daily lives.

For more details visit our Sunday School page.


Adult Religious Education – Adult Catechesis

Fr. George Bithos teaches ABC’s of Orthodoxy, covering the basics of the faith for inquirers, catechumens and all interested Orthodox Christians. Classes are geared toward adult learners but are open to all ages. The class is interactive and encourages questions and exploration, as it strives to answer the question, What is the Orthodox Faith?

Fr. Vasileios Flegas leads our relaxed and informal weekly Potluck Patristics – Bible Study or Book Club. The group gathers to discuss the writings of Church Fathers, both modern and ancient, but the readings serve as a springboard to dive into how the writings relate to our modern lives. The primary intent of Potluck Patristics is to offer fellowship, as we support one another in our walk with Christ through the Church Fathers. While it’s best if everyone reads the book, you are welcome to participate even if you don’t! Check the church calendar for more information.

No registration is required. For more information and the schedule, visit our page.


Modern Greek School

The mission of Transfiguration Greek School is to teach Greek language, customs and culture through a program that addresses the needs of all students – those who have a background in the Greek language and those who do not. For that reason, we provide a level-based program which allows students to be placed in classes with peers who have similar capabilities in the Greek language and grow within the language at their pace. The level classes give a child the opportunity to repeat a class or skip a class to be in the classroom that best meets their needs, rather than aligning with grade level in traditional school. Classes are offered for elementary school age children, including pre-school (4 – 5 years old), as well as teen and adult beginners, intermediate and advanced beginners.

For detailed information, visit our page.


Greek Dance

Transfiguration offers dance groups for children, young adults, and adults. The dance program brings our Transfiguration community together in Orthodox Christian fellowship and afford the opportunity to live, learn, and experience the Hellenic culture through dance. We also strive to grow together in spirit and strength, always to bring out the best in each participant. For detailed information, please visit our Greek Dance page.