Sunday School

“The purpose of Orthodox Christian Education (catechesis) is to help build up the Church, the Body of Christ, by nurturing every person in the life of personal communion with the Holy Trinity (theosis), and thus, through this ministry, to bear joyful witness to God’s loving and redeeming work in the world.”  (from our Archdiocese)

Transfiguration’s Department of Religious Education is embarking on an exciting adventure: parish-wide curriculum. Our entire parish, from the preschoolers through the yiayias and papous, will learn together on Sundays. We are going to work our way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

After liturgy, Fr. Vasileios will give a short talk on the reading, so that everyone in the parish can study the Scriptures together. Meanwhile, in the Sunday School classes, the teachers will be covering the same Bible reading and lesson, adjusted to fit the developmental level of the particular class. We hope that at coffee hour, on the car ride home, and at the dinner table all week, you and your families will be talking about the lesson you’ve learned and how you can see it at work in your daily life.

Get ready. We’re going to ask you to read the week’s lesson every week, along with your family and friends, and to think about it before you come to church. We’ll send you home with a written discussion of the week’s lesson, and the reading assignment for next week. We’ll be handing out bookmarks with the schedule of readings, so that you can show up to church prepared for the week’s lesson. After four years together, we’ll have covered the most important readings throughout the whole Bible. We look forward to learning and growing with together.

The Sunday School’s mission is not actually to teach the Orthodox faith to children.

The Orthodox faith cannot be taught in less than an hour a week. We can talk about the faith, we can fill them in on the symbolism and the connections and the meanings of the words they’re hearing in church, but Orthodoxy is a lived faith. It’s a mindset we take on every day, as we attempt to remember God at all times. Orthodoxy is not a list of sacraments or a system of rules to memorize; it’s a life lived in personal communion with the Holy Trinity.

Sunday School cannot give that to your children — only the family can instill the faith, because we don’t live in classrooms or parishes but in our family households.

The mission of the Sunday School is to support the parents as they lead their Orthodox family. All year long, we’ll be working to inspire and encourage and equip your efforts at home.

It is time to reconsider and to rebuild our family routines and schedules in a way that honors our truest mission: to lead our children and one another along the road to the Kingdom of God. The Sunday School and Transfiguration’s youth ministries (GOYA, Hope and JOY, and TGOC Tykes) will be there, right by your side.

Sunday School

Throughout the traditional school year, students from preschool through 12th grade are invited to join our Sunday School classes, offered after Holy Communion in Mt. Tabor Hall. We are using a parish-wide curriculum which moves through the Holy Scriptures, from the Old Testament through the New Testament. Every class learns the same lessons, taught in a manner appropriate to the age group of the students. In addition, Fr. Vasileios covers the same lesson with the adult members of the parish at the end of the Divine Liturgy.

The school year opens with our Annual Back-To-School Roller-Skating Party and concludes with the Annual Sunday School Showdown and Picnic, in which classes demonstrate their knowledge in an energetic and friendly competition for the coveted golden trophy and a full year of bragging rights.

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Other Sunday School Related Ministries

St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

As part of our Sunday School program, our parish participates in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. Students in the Junior (7th – 9th grades) and Senior (10th – 12th grades) Divisions are given the opportunity to select and research one of several topics announced annually by the Archdiocese Department of Religious Education, and to compete in our Parish Oratorical Festival.  The top speakers proceed to represent our parish in the Metropolis of Denver Oratorical Festival; the top speakers from this festival compete at the national level, at the Archdiocese Finals.

For more detailed information, please visit our Oratorical site.

Bible Bowl

Every year, all parishioners aged 11 and up are invited to participate in a spirited Bible Bowl!  Jacob Angelo coordinates the event, announcing the book to be covered months in advance and collecting registrations for both Youth and Adult Teams.