Information for Teachers

The Teacher’s Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, to Thee I cry: hear me, Thine unworthy servant! Enlighten my mind; grant that I may truly and clearly describe Thy Way into the Kingdom of Glory which Thou in Thy mercy hast granted us! Grant that those who read and listen to my words may be filled with Thy love, enlightened by Thy knowledge and made strong by Thy power.  Warm our hearts with Thy Spirit and we shall joyfully and fervently go the way that Thou hast shown us. Amen.


Substitute Teachers

We have approved substitute teachers on hand, and because of the parish-wide curriculum, we are also able to combine classes occasionally. Please email if you are unable to teach, and we’ll make the best arrangement for that week. Advance notice is appreciated when possible.



On the first day of school, teachers should offer a syllabus sheet.  This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and to present the material you’ll be teaching, to offer your contact information, and to request contact information and assistance from parents.


E-mail Communications

Please send weekly or monthly e-mails to the parents of your students!  Let them know what you’ve been doing in class and how they can reinforce these lessons at home. As Sunday School teachers, we can offer only about 30 hours of instruction in the classroom; our students will learn the Faith at home. The more we remind and encourage parents to lead the religious education of their children, the better!


Class Length

Classes are intended to be roughly 45 minutes long (shorter for younger students).


Opening Prayers

Please bear in mind that your students arrive in class directly after receiving Holy Communion. Each class should begin with a prayer, both giving thanks for Holy Communion and in preparation for study.


Useful Websites

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s Department of Religious Education

Department of Religious Education Bible Resource Page

Orthodox Church of America’s Department of Religious Education “HUB”

Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese’s Department of Christian Education