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Due to the current situation, Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church has gone completely virtual.
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It’s time to register for Sunday School! We’ll be sending you weekly family lesson plans, and gathering together once a month for online classes! Be sure to provide a good mailing address, because we have a surprise coming in your mailbox!

Sunday School will meet at 3 pm on the following Sundays:
September 13
October 18
November 15
December 13

Register Here

We will announce plans for Spring 2021 as the time nears.

All the liturgical services scheduled will be live streamed. View the calendar for the dates and times.

Click for more information about Orthodoxy 101 with Dn. George.

Potluck Patristics — Book Club

Fr. Vasileios Flegas leads our relaxed and informal weekly book club. The group gathers to discuss the writings of Church Fathers, both modern and ancient, but the readings serve as a springboard to dive into how the writings relate to our modern lives. The primary intent of Potluck Patristics is to offer fellowship, as we support one another in our walk with Christ through the Church Fathers.

While it’s best if everyone reads the book, you are welcome to participate even if you don’t! The group meets regularly on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm.

Book: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Zoom: Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 925 9387 8446
Password: ElderT

We’ve been doing GOYA Zoom MeetUps on Thursdays, and it’s been a lot of fun. Now that summer is here (wow!) those MeetUps will happen on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, and the kids will be reading The Great Divorce by CS Lewis.

All interested parents (with kids of any age) are invited to join an adult conversation about The Great Divorce too! This book is so great for understanding heaven and hell, salvation and human nature… it is very useful for us in our faith and in understanding how to teach our kids about the really big questions of the Faith. Join us!

If you don’t have the book and have not read, come tonight anyway! The conversation will still make sense, and you can get the book for next time.

Middle School at 7pm, High School at 8pm, and Parents at 9pm.


What’s The Great Divorce?

‘There is attractive imagery and amusing satire! There are exciting speculations! Mr. Lewis rouses curiosity about life after death only to sharpen awareness of this world.’ – The Guardian

This is such a fun and thought-provoking book, and it helps us to understand all of it — the significance of one’s mindset, the nature of salvation, what heaven and hell really are — but it does so in a really engaging and relatable way.

You should order this book for your family. Have the kids read it, but read it yourself too, and talk about it!


OCF is the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. OCF transforms the lives of college students in the United States and Canada by guiding them along the path to Jesus Christ through His Church, cultivating a campus community of worship, witness, service, fellowship and education.

Our Vision
To be the loving presence of Christ and the Orthodox Church on college campuses;
To be an integral part of students’ spiritual formation by challenging them to explore the Faith; and
To inspire students to commit to living an Orthodox Christian way of life daily.

Join us on zoom.

Because our earthly bodies are a temple, we set heavenly fitness goals to treat them that way. Christian Martial Fitness (CMF) offers fitness combined with prayer, to bring us into a truly holistic and healthy lifestyle that cares for both body and soul. Classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday night at Transfiguration Tabor Hall. Anyone age 11 and up is invited to participate. Check out the CMF website to see it’s mission and shop for a FREE trial course, and understand online and monthly membership training available.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30-7:15 pm and 7:15-8:00 pm (Mt. Tabor Hall) Masks are required.
Saturday Mornings 7:30-8:30 am (Virtual)

Call if you have any questions. (Dn. Sal’s cell 978-551-2169)

Mary Long, a member in our parish community, is a certified Pilates instructor, and is offering donation-based virtual mat classes every week. Check her website for class descriptions and schedule, and to register: