Modern Greek School

The mission of Transfiguration Modern Greek Language School is to teach the Greek language and culture, tradition, history, and geography of Greece, mythology, observe religious and Greek national holidays, and participation in various activities at Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church (TGOC).

Austin Greek School has established a carefully planned Greek language program that addresses the needs of all students – those who have a background in the Greek language and those who do not.  For that reason, we provide a level-based program that allows students to be placed in classes with peers who have similar capabilities in the Greek language and grow within the language at their pace. The level classes give a child the opportunity to repeat a class or skip a class to be in the classroom that best meets their needs, not because it aligns with their grade level in traditional school. Classes are offered for elementary school-age children, including pre-school (4 – 5 years old), as well as teen and adult beginners, and intermediate and advanced beginners.

Registration for Adult Modern Greek.

If you would like to register for Adult Greek School, please contact Christina Christou.
If you would like to speak to the teacher, please contact Christina Glarakis.

Textbook – Adult Class

Please order the textbook as soon as possible, because it usually takes time to receive it. That way, we will not lose time starting. You do not need to order the exercise book that comes with it. The book we will be working on is:
“Communicate in Greek” ISBN # 978-960-8464-08-7

There are different publications with minor variations in the text – anyone will do (just do not get used ones, as the exercises are usually filled in). If two or three people from the same family attend, you need two or three books (or copies), respectively. This is the ISBN # of the book I have. Check at Amazon,, etc. We will provide additional class materials.