Attending Liturgy FAQ

Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver’s Protocol 8.20.20

UPDATED: 8.20.20

Being keenly aware of our current reality and desiring to resume corporate worship, we must on the one hand work to re-open our churches, while on the other hand strive diligently to do so in a responsible and safe manner. While no set of directives can address every scenario or circumstance, it is in this spirit we provide you the following directions regarding our parish.

  1. Individuals who have been exposed to the virus, experienced symptoms, or who are part of vulnerable groups (elderly, immuno-compromised, under a physician’s care, etc.), should remain home and may be ministered to individually by Fr. Vasileios. Please call him for an appointment to receive Holy Communion at home or in the church.
  2. Individuals attending a service at church, should maintain distances of at least 6 feet from one another in and around the church, wash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer, follow directions and signage for seating and traffic flow. 
  3. Immediate families living in the same household may sit together, however, a distance of at least 6 feet should be maintained between families. 
  4. The practice of venerating icons by bowing (instead of kissing) should be observed. 
  5. Out of an abundance of caution and respect for the safety of our parishioner family, ALL services offered will require the wearing of masks.

In order to accommodate everyone, we have decided to hold numerous liturgical services throughout the week. Some dates will vary and can be found on the sign-up form, but the schedule is as follows:

Thursday Mornings: This service will accommodate all our high-risk members and our seniors 60+ years and older only. 

Saturday and Sunday Mornings: These services are open to all.

Special Feast Day services such as Mid-Pentecost or Apodosis of Pascha will be open to all. 

Paraklesis Services and Vespers Services will NOT count as your “ONE” service for the week and may be attended in addition to the one liturgy offered per week. 


Limited Seating:

At this time we are allowing 65 seats for our parishioners, following local law and guidelines and we will reevaluate the situation in a few weeks. 

How many services can I attend?

At this time we are allowing each parishioner to sign up for ONE slot per WEEK. The system will allow you to sign up for more, however, your reservation will be deleted if you signed up for more than one liturgy per week. (Paraklesis and Vespers services are excluded and may be attended in addition to the one liturgy.) 

How many weeks in advance can I sign up for?

The sign-up dashboard will only show services for that week. Each week the dashboard will be updated to reflect the following week’s services, allowing new ticket reservations to be made. 

How will Holy Communion be offered?

At this time traffic patterns will be established in the church to accommodate a 6-foot distance during the line. Holy Communion will be given as normal.

Will antidoron be served?

The distribution of antidoron following Holy Communion and after the Liturgy is still discontinued in order to limit contact. 

Will service books be provided?

Services books will not be provided, however, if you would like to follow along, please visit the liturgical text

Will donation baskets be passed around?

Baskets for donations will be placed in the Narthex. Please give all your donations there. We also offer online giving options and mobile giving.

Can altar boys serve during the liturgy?

Unfortunately, altar boys are not allowed to serve at this time. 

Things to keep in mind:

  1. We will review the protocols on a weekly basis and make changes as needed.
  2. Metropolitan Isaiah is now giving the blessing for non-liturgical gatherings to be held in our parishes, not to exceed a total of twenty people, where permissible by local law. This should allow for in-person parish council and committee meetings, catechism and Bible studies, and other similar gatherings.
  3. You may visit with one another on church grounds, following safe distancing protocols.
  4. We have a cleaning crew who will clean and sanitize the facility after every liturgy. If you would like to stay and help, please do so. 
  5. We are always in need of more supplies. If you would like to donate any cleaning supplies, especially Clorox wipes without bleach and hand sanitizers, we are most grateful.

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