Welcome to HOPE & JOY!

HOPE (Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education) is a ministry for children in grades K-2nd;

JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth) is a ministry for children grades 3rd-5th.

At Transfiguration, we often speak of a combined ministry, referring to “Hope/Joy”, by which we mean both upper and lower elementary students as well as preschoolers. Depending on the age-appropriateness of each activity, we sometimes keep all of the kids together, and sometimes separate them.  If an event is intended for just one part of the “Hope/Joy” preschool – 5th grade crowd, that will be clear on all announcements and on the church calendar.

The mission and goal of the Hope & Joy ministry is to lead our children into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith, creating strong bonds with their Orthodox friends and building the foundation of our Orthodox faith through worship, fellowship and service.

We welcome all children from preschool through 5th grade to join us throughout the year for our gatherings which include summer swim parties, back-to-school roller skating, campfire parties, Holy House, our Holy Friday retreat, and much more. There is no fee for joining the Hope & Joy ministry and we welcome parent participation and involvement.

Please email sundayschool@transfiguration.org to be added to Transfiguration’s Hope & Joy email list.