St. Sophia
St. Sophia

The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) was founded as a religious movement for Greek Orthodox teenagers. Its fundamental characteristics are Diakonia (Service), Martyria (Witness), Liturgia (Worship), and Koinonia (Fellowship). Youth Ministry is concerned with the Christ-centered experience of the total person.

The purpose of GOYA is to direct youth members to become worthy sevants of our Lord, Jesus Christ within the Orthodox Christian faith. The fellowship with other GOYANS in religious, educational, service, social, athletic, and cultural activities should always reflect our Christian faith.

All teens grades 6 through 12 are welcome and encouraged to join GOYA!

For questions about GOYA activities, please contact Sonia Phocas at goyaliaison@transfiguration.org.

POINSETTIA FUNDRAISER 10/19/2016 – 11/4/2016 (click here to place order)

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