October 22

Bringing Your Brokenness

Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church is offering a new restoration and recovery ministry for those who have, or consider themselves to have, a life-debilitating issue. These issues may be interfering with your life and may result in, or be the result of, a habitual sin which needs healing in order for you to live your life in Christ. They can range from anxiety or panic disorders, eating disorders, checking internet or social media to the point of shutting out your family, or to drug or alcohol addiction.

Open to individuals and couples, the first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, at 6:30pm. Our goal is to provide a loving Orthodox Christian atmosphere for support, accountability, study, and discussion, with the ultimate goal of restoring our souls and bodies to the image and likeness of God.



October 22



On September 10 we embarked on our parish-wide curriculum project! Our entire parish, from the preschoolers through the yiayias and papous are learning together every Sunday. We are going to work our way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. We’re handing out bookmarks with the schedule of readings so that you can read together with your family and friends, and show up to church prepared for the week’s lesson.
After liturgy, Fr. Vasileios will give a short talk on the reading, so that everyone in the parish can study the Scriptures together. Meanwhile, in the Sunday School classes, the teachers will be covering the same Bible reading and lesson, adjusted to fit the developmental level of the particular class. We hope that at coffee hour, in the car ride home, and at the dinner table all week, you and your families will be talking about the lesson you’ve learned and how you can see it at work in your daily life.
Get ready. We’re asking  you to read the week’s lesson every week, along with your family and friends, and to think about it before you come to church. We’ll send you home with a written discussion of the week’s lesson, and the reading assignment for next week. By the end of the school year, we’ll be halfway through our Old Testament unit; after four years together, we’ll have covered the most important readings throughout the whole Bible. We look forward to learning and growing with you!

We have Orthodox Study Bibles in the bookstore for you to purchase. You can also download the app onto your phone or computer.



OCTOBER 29:  The Call of Abram

OCTOBER 22:  Tower of Babel

OCTOBER 15: Covenant with Noah

OCTOBER 8:  The Flood

OCTOBER 1:  The Fall

SEPTEMBER 24: Creation

SEPTEMBER 10: The Bible