In the Fall of 2017, we began the first year of our parish-wide curriculum project! Our entire parish, from the preschoolers through the yiayias and papous are learning together every Sunday. We are going to work our way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. We’re handing out bookmarks with the schedule of readings so that you can read together with your family and friends, and show up to church prepared for the week’s lesson.

After liturgy, Fr. Vasileios will give a short talk on the reading, so that everyone in the parish can study the Scriptures together. Meanwhile, in the Sunday School  classes, the teachers will be covering the same Bible reading and lesson, adjusted to fit the developmental level of the particular class. We hope that at coffee hour, in the car ride home, and at the dinner table all week, you and your families will be talking about the lesson you’ve learned and how you can see it at work in your daily life.

We’re providing a written page the week before, letting you know what reading is coming up and offering ideas to consider as you read it.  Now that we have finished the first school year, we are halfway through the Old Testament; after four years together, we’ll have covered the most important readings throughout the whole Bible. We look forward to learning and growing with you!

We have Orthodox Study Bibles in the bookstore for you to purchase. You can also download the app onto your phone or computer.