TGOC Parish Expansion Project

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From its inception in 1985, Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church of Austin, Texas has seen a steady increase in those seeking to draw closer to Christ through the Orthodox Christian Way.  As we move into the future, we humbly ask YOU, our dear community and fellow parishioners, for continued support in the growth of our beloved church.

Building Faith, Family & Future

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Our Consecration in November of 2016 was a profound landmark in the life of Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, and having reached this milestone, our attention is turning to the future. With so many people moving to Austin, and so many locals converting to our ancient faith, our parish is growing and we must reach to meet the people God sends to us. In order to keep pace with the growth of our parish and our ministry programs, we are planning to expand by building a new community center at the top of our hill. The overall vision includes new classrooms, administrative offices, banquet/fellowship hall facilities with a stage and commercial kitchen, space for ministry meeting rooms and offices, a proper bookstore and increased parking capacity. The new community center building will feature a prominent “Transfiguration” sign visible to Bee Caves Road, and will become a new Austin landmark, a light on the hill that cannot be hidden.

Campus Solutions Considered

 2 Portables +
Kitchen Updates
(+33 parking)
New 9 Room
Mt. Tabor Hall rebuild,
Elevated Banquet Hall
New Kitchen (+33 Parking)
New Community Center
(+43 then +75 Parking)
Hall & Kitchen+0++++++
Added Parking spots++0++++++
Parish Offices0++++++++
Estimated Cost$300K$1.4M$2.4M$3.5M
Bid Year(no bid)2011-2015-2017

Issues Addressed by Expansion

  • Parking relief to allow for expansion. The need for parking spots has expanded 30% from 2014-2017. We currently have 87 marked parking spaces. We will add 43 new parking spots on the driveway up from St. Stephens School Road.
  • To create more and larger Sunday School classrooms. Our current Sunday School facilities are inadequate. Our new Mount Tabor Hall will have 15+ classrooms and meeting rooms for over 250 students. Our 2017 Sunday School program enrollment is 159 an increase of 44% from 2012.
  • A better Banquet hall with elevated stage. Our current hall is 2,600 sq. ft. with a capacity of 175 people, even less people if space is needed for dancing. Our new hall in the community center is 4,200 sq. ft. and can accommodate 250-350 people. Using this hall, we can host events such as the Gala or a Wedding reception.
  • Better kitchen and administrative facilities. The new 620 sq. ft. Parish kitchen will meet required commercial kitchen standards and requirements. Our current kitchen is 245 sq. ft. and is inadequate to meet Parish needs.
  • Adequate offices and workrooms for our ministries. Our Church and new hall is a wonderful way to continue to bring our members together – youth ministries, Greek School, Philoptochos, Religious education, Retreats, Community nights.. .
  • To minimize disruption of current classroom and ministry activities. We will use current Mt. Tabor Hall and the expanded parking spots during construction of new Mt. Tabor Hall.
  • New sources of income for our Church. The new community center Hall and Kitchen creates a wonderful atmosphere for weddings, large and small meetings, gatherings, celebrations, parochial schools, and organizations

A Phased Approach

  • The campus expansion project is done in four major phases and may take several years.
  • Control will be maintained over scope, cost and risk from start to completion.
  • The estimated cost of Phase 1, 2, 3 is $3.0 to $4.0 million.
  • A “New Mount Tabor Hall” elevated community center building above our parking lot.
    • Total building 17,955 sq. ft
    • 2nd floor: Lobby and Reception area, Priest office, Admin office, Six (6) classrooms,  2nd Office, Café, M/F Restrooms, Bookstore, Commercial Kitchen – Pantry/Prep/Cook/Clean Up, Main Banquet Hall with elevated stage an dancing area 4200 sq. ft., Storage, Balcony (2)
    • 3rd floor: Secured Lobby, Nine (9) classrooms, Two (2) meeting rooms, M/F Restrooms, Storage
  • Phase 1: 2018: Launch Fundraising , address Parking
    • Launch Fundraising over 4 years to raise $1.5M
    • Add 43 new parking spots on driveway up from St. Stephens School Road.
    • Drainage to collect rain water, direct it to detention pond at the bottom of the hill
  • Phase 2: 2021: “New Mount Tabor Hall” Construction
    • Shell entire building
    • Complete 2nd Floor of Administrative section and move in
  • Phase 3: 2022: Finish out “New Mount Tabor Hall”
    • Finish out remainder of “New Mount Tabor Hall”  building
  • Phase 4: Future
    • Remove existing Mt. Tabor Hall and add 75+ parking spaces

Project Financing

Please check out our financing Powerpoint Presentation

The cost estimate to build the “New Mount Tabor Hall” is $3.0 to $4.0 million. The financing for the Parish Expansion Project will come from two sources::

  1. Down Payment $2.0M: Fundraising over 4 years to raise $1.5M ($375K/year) in addition to funds set aside from operating budget mortgage accrual, gala, golf and luncheons.
  2. Mortgage Loan $2.0M: to cover 20 year loan.

These financing amounts can be reduced if the Parish strongly supports our special events: including Parish luncheons, Gala sponsorship and silent auction and the Golf tournament.

We will ensure project does not begin until fundraising and financing is secured.

During our 30 year history the Parish has a demonstrated  fiscal maturity and its readiness to build the new Mount Tabor Hall:

  • 1998: Mt Tabor Hall $146K raised, $139K mortgage paid off.
  • 2002-2006: New sanctuary and Phase 1 Icons: $2.1M ($400K loan) 150 families raised $1.3M.
  • 2011: $78K raised instantaneously for pews
  • 2011-2012: Phase 2 Icons, lighting, sound, rugs: $336K, 170 families raised $370K.
  • 2013: $105K raised in 1 month to pay off the Sanctuary loan.
  • 2016: Consecration and Walkway 140 families raised $515K

How Can I Help?

Please take a moment to reflect that because the Church is God’s home, even referred to as His “bride”, it naturally becomes an extension of our own homes . Many of us have family members whose spiritual beginning was in this church after receiving the sacrament of baptism. Many of us will witness the marriages and baptisms of our children in this Church and celebrations in the new Mt. Tabor Hall. Our growing ministries for Religious Education, Philoptochos, Folk Dance, Greek School, Encore, Young Adult organizations, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, GOYA and JOY/HOPE are ready to use the new Mt. Tabor Hall. We will all celebrate Gala events together, our feast days together, and receive Holy Communion together. And when the time arrives when we are finally called by the Lord, we will say our final goodbyes in this Church and Hall. Yes, there is no doubt that for a believing Orthodox Christian, our church is an extension of OUR OWN HOME!

Christ Himself tells us, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48). It is the same here. The idea is to participate at a level relative to your financial means.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Project

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